SMSPP 35th Anniversry on the 14 June 2008

I am excited to meet my old friends in INTEKMA Sek syen 7, Shah Alam on the 14 June 2008. I have tried contatcting many old friend but they choose not to response for many of them. Either they are not interested or just utter lazy to meet old friends and become contactable again. I presume some are too busy to come, or for minority, the fee if a problem. Well for for us senior government servant, Oklah. We are not short of friends, neither are we with too many friends. So its just good to sambung silalturahim.

Some people are just to busy or not interested in old friends; so be it. I have heard this type of gathering going on for the past few years but just too lazy. But this time it involves my batch, so I want to catch up with my dear old friend (old flame?? no where got! Hihi) The flame is at home now, with me, my darling dunia akhirat. My intention just now was to put in some pictures but somehow my naughty handsome boy has deleted from this PC.

Catch up later.

May God Bless You!



  1. 1
    sharifah Says:

    salam kak famy. sharifah here yr junior and dorm mate. Tak ingat? Time to shake yr brain cell muahaha

  2. 2
    famy Says:

    Salam Sharifa

    Mestilah ingat-you tinggal kat Cameron Highlands lagi ke?
    Kat mana you kerja sekarang?

    Take care

  3. 3
    sharifah Says:

    Sekarang Librarian di Pusat Sains Negara. Kak Famy pi reunion tak? I tak pi kucing sakit kena 24hrs observation (tu dia excuse yg paling ory huhuhu). Feed back terima my batch ramai yang pegi. Anyway according to the pic ur still pretty as ever and u look content, alhamdulillah. Myself bak my evil cousin said kalau jalan nampak merayap……

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