Time for myself

Sometimes I think I am too thoughtful.. always thinking for the others, for the children, for my husband , for my staff, my boss.. except myself. Come a time I am feeling very tired and want time for myself, shopping, reading, watching tv, movies, whatever that I luv to do but could not due to my commitments!

Can I get away from all those responsibilities? Don’t thing so. I cannot stop to be a mother, a wife, a daughter, a worker and a boss. Anyway, I luv to be one,  a mother, a wife…. and a boss but sometimes I need winding up. I am not a good manager, not a good mother, wife and on and on but of course I always want to be the best but how? Alway short of time, and the worst is words, to scold or to criticize people. Why should I.. sometime I need to vent my frustation, anyway…

Ok got to start doing a paper otherwise it cannot be submitted next week and another presentation is also needed..do I have a choice to break free! Luv the work but too much in my plate.

All the best to me.


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