Dah pindah balik

June 10, 2008

Rumah 155 renovated 001

Kami dah pindah balik on the 24 Mei 2008. Kalau rajin nanti akan dimasukkan gambar 2 yang baru di renovate dan dimasukkan ke rumah lama.

Rumah 155 renovated 006 copied

Ini bilik cekawah yg terpakse dishare dengan abg kesayangan bliau.

Rumah 155 renovated 011

ini ruang tamu kami yg bergaya.

Rumah 155 renovated 010

Ini piano di ruang tamu yg bergaya.


SMSPP 35th Anniversry on the 14 June 2008

April 19, 2008

I am excited to meet my old friends in INTEKMA Sek syen 7, Shah Alam on the 14 June 2008. I have tried contatcting many old friend but they choose not to response for many of them. Either they are not interested or just utter lazy to meet old friends and become contactable again. I presume some are too busy to come, or for minority, the fee if a problem. Well for for us senior government servant, Oklah. We are not short of friends, neither are we with too many friends. So its just good to sambung silalturahim.

Some people are just to busy or not interested in old friends; so be it. I have heard this type of gathering going on for the past few years but just too lazy. But this time it involves my batch, so I want to catch up with my dear old friend (old flame?? no where got! Hihi) The flame is at home now, with me, my darling dunia akhirat. My intention just now was to put in some pictures but somehow my naughty handsome boy has deleted from this PC.

Catch up later.

May God Bless You!

Time for myself

April 19, 2008

Sometimes I think I am too thoughtful.. always thinking for the others, for the children, for my husband , for my staff, my boss.. except myself. Come a time I am feeling very tired and want time for myself, shopping, reading, watching tv, movies, whatever that I luv to do but could not due to my commitments!

Can I get away from all those responsibilities? Don’t thing so. I cannot stop to be a mother, a wife, a daughter, a worker and a boss. Anyway, I luv to be one,  a mother, a wife…. and a boss but sometimes I need winding up. I am not a good manager, not a good mother, wife and on and on but of course I always want to be the best but how? Alway short of time, and the worst is words, to scold or to criticize people. Why should I.. sometime I need to vent my frustation, anyway…

Ok got to start doing a paper otherwise it cannot be submitted next week and another presentation is also needed..do I have a choice to break free! Luv the work but too much in my plate.

All the best to me.

Hi penat…

March 18, 2008


Bila terkenang kisah lama rasanya manis tapi kalau mengenangkan kisah yg telah dilalui ada juga yang memilukan. Ok.. I better don’t reveal my feelings here. Whatever it is I hope my children are  safe wherever they are, in good health and always remember Allah The Mighty. I luv you all.


Farhan get first dalam merentas desa

February 23, 2008

img_1419.jpgimg_1519.jpgToday 23 feb, sekolah men TTDI adakan pertandingan merentas desa dan Farhan for the first time beat his Indian friends yang dia tak dapat beat selama ini. Congrats Farhan, hope semangat tega you goes for your studies! All the best. Mind you he’s also a good footballer!

Pindah rumah sementara

February 23, 2008

Salam semua

Kami akan berpindah ke 115 Jalan Datuk sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail selama lebih kurang 3 bulan untuk memperbaiki rumah kami yang dah lama dan semakin sempit! Hihi oleh orang dan barang2. Telefon dan internet juga akan terganggu dari 26Feb selama 1 minggu, so do call our HP if possible, if needed, try to minimize…Hihi. Busy lah!

Be back later. tengah pack baju2 Faiz masuk dalam beg and boxes. Faiz balik nanti cari baju dalam beg hitam dan box bertanda ‘Faiz’. Salam

My husband, Maisarah and myself

February 11, 2008

9feb-2008-gathering-di-rumah-iskandar-002.jpgMaisarah getting her rewards..

Maisarah Najla

February 11, 2008

My sweet little gal!

Farhan Nizar

February 11, 2008

08-09-07_16091.jpgSee my third son… hansem?

My family

February 11, 2008

There are 4 handsome and beautiful children in my family. Eldest is 22years old and the youngest is 12 years old. All of them are still in a University or school. The first is in a medical school in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia; the second in Politeknik Merlimau Melaka, the third in SMK TTDI and the youngest is a girl in SK TTDI(2).